Software is soul of computer system, It helps you to command on computer hardware parts to work for you. There may be different level of software for use like Operating System Software, Utility Software and utility software. Every computer user chose their required software for use. Here we help to install, troubleshoot, update, repair, uninstall and diagnose the software programs. It is not easy to install every software in your computer due to its complications and dependency on another software. Windows OS is used widely in world and more application software are available for you according to requirements. Here is the list below of software solutions we provide. Before installing any software, we understand the hardware requirement of particular software. Every computer have chipsets inside motherboard which require device driver increase the performance of system. 


Windows Operating Systems (win7, win8, win10, win11) fresh installation with Required Device Drivers Software. It will take around 1 hour. Ask for more information if you’ve any doubts. If you want to get the installation done at your home, then you have to pay extra charges.


Device driver for Windows OS will be installed (graphics, sound, LAN, printer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other) . 


Antivirus software will be installed in one pc and price doesn’t includes of  Anti Virus Software. AV installation on More than one pc will cost extra. Antivirus software Update require Internet Data connection, so make sure you have active data connection. Customer will have to pay for data connection if it provided by me.


After installing Windows Operating system you get basics default software and tools provided by Microsoft OS. You may be require more software’s program to use. We help you to install complicated installation process of third party software, which may require dependency software to install. Customers are requested to install licensed software for professional use. Ask for software installation. 


Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service will be provided by our expert team.  Your Hard disk must have in running condition to recover the data. Formated hdd, Deleted files, deleted partitions and missing file problem will be resolved. This service takes time to Recover data and does not guarantee of Recovery.  


Disk Drive store your data for long time, but sometime your data may be in danger due to HDD failure. So if you feel that we may clone your Disk to new Disk Drive which include your OS, and data along with partitions. You may ask for cloning of disk if you are moving form HDD to SSD. Cloning is good solutions if you want to copy data with OS and its device drivers and installed software.


Here we offer to install Windows Server OS installation on computer. Customers are requested to install genuine OS with lenience key.


Here we offer to install Linux Server OS installation on computer. Customers are requested to install genuine OS with lenience key.


Your computer system may be infected by different type of viruses. You may ask for virus removal service to remove all virus from your infected system. After removal of viruses, we will suggest you to install antivirus program for privacy and data protection.