When we want to tell something, we have lots of ways to tell instead of speaking. And one of the best way is display your thought in Graphic Designing. You must have lots of imaginations and words to speak in short way and you may find that the Graphic Designing is a example for one to one or to broadcast your words. Graphic design is everywhere in your life but its format may be different.

Here HMG IT SOLUTIONS have few service for graphic designing solutions to choose from, find the required service and ask for the best price for it. We provide good quality of designing in digital way using professional tools like coral draw, Photoshop etc. as per requirements. We draw your imaginations graphically and make them digitally available to promote on social media platform like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google my business or on your website. You may get the high resolutions of your design to print just ask your requirements. 

You will get your digital graphic design via e-mail or whatsapp in zip file to maintain the quality and reduce the size while sending. You may use this graphic design for Digital marketing. If you are business owner and want to entertain your customers  ask for monthly plan as per your requirements. 


In digital era we are offering digital posters, banners, flayers to post on social media platform to reach your customers and targeted audience with your updated plans and offers. We have monthly plan for businesses. You may use this plan to get daily poster or banner for promotion according to you. You can use our digital marketing plan to promote your business digitally with transparent method and you can choose website development plan too. In 30 days plan you will get 25 – 30 poster or creative.


PPT and PDF is a format of digital documents which be used to share your business proposal, business plan, offers, company detail info, quotation, plan presentation etc. And all the information can be broadcasted by one click to multiple users. For broadcasting check our bulk SMS / bulk VOICE Call and Whatsapp plan.  This may includes basic information, like your company’s name and contact information, your company logo, your client’s name and contact information, the date, and a title. It may be used to makes the proposal look neat, organized, and well put together for entertaining your clients and presentation your business plan. 


Business LOGO may be a unique symbol of your business. It shows nature of your business and name. We design best suited unique logo for your business so that your customers may recognize your business. We provide high quality logo image in .PNG and .JPEG formats after completion or approval. You may take copy write of that logo after finalizing. Logo may be in 2d and 3d in design.


Digital business card ( it is also known as virtual or electronic Visiting cards) is an online means of sharing contact information. We offer digital Visiting Card designing. With the help of this card you can show the products and services lists to their customers to provide more information.


You may have products to sell online or offline. That product should have unique design in it. Like Pepsi, Parle-g and other products wrapping. We have expert solutions for designing labels for your product to print and publish digitally. Just ask for it, we will give you best quotation for this.


Book are available for everyone. Books are also written and designed by us in digital format. If you are a publisher or writer, you may ask for best quotation for book cover design, pages designing, magazine design, and short business portfolio to print.


When you want to invite someone or in bulk, you should have proper invitation to share. Your invitation could be in printed and digital format. We help you to design any category (Party celebration, Birthday, Marriage, Meeting Invitation, conference invitation etc.) of invitation for you in good quality to share digitally and print. You may also use our digital marketing services to your invitation in bulk.






Catalog is used to list your products and services in it, and can be shared digitally or in printed format. We help to design catalog for your multiple products and services using best suited design and  graphics. You will get PDF and IMAGE format after completion of project.


As you know E-mail is a type of method of communication which can be used to share information like text, image, videos, documents, etc. Here we can help you to design Email for better impression  in HTML format.  


Photoshop is Graphic designing tool used for extraordinary creation. Here we can help to to design and and modified any image as per you requirements. 


Corel Draw is Graphic designing tool used for extraordinary creation. Here we can help to to design and and modified any image as per you requirements. 


AutoCAD design is Graphic designing tool used for extraordinary creation. Interior and exterior designing can be done. Here we can help to to design and and modified any image and Map as per you requirements. 


Presentation is used to present/share your plan and imagination in meeting and conference with your team. We can design your Presentation for you, just share and plans and imagination with us.