Frequently asked questions

You are very curious to know more, it make you more smart after gaining the answer of your questions. Here we are continuously making the list of questions which our clients asked and wanted to know more about that. Below list of FAQ may be helpful for you, if you did not find the answer of your questions you just need to ask your questions in question form below, we will try to answer you questions as soon as possible and it may be listed on FAQ.  

Answer is Yes. We have options for receiving payment online via Net banking, UPI and Direct bank transfer. You are requested to ask for valid account details for payment details before making payment. We will not be responsible if you pay on other account by spam. Before making any payment, please Call on official mobile number +91 8604902318 or contact us via e-mail on / 

Web hosting is an online service, which is used to store website data to access remotely by domain name. Hosting service may cost you money as per requirements.

We are always open for call support in working hours. You may get Free suggestions over voice call or on Whatsapp. Please find the mobile number for call or whatsapp. 

Yes, we assemble desktop computer or PC for office or personal use as per required by our client. We try to suggest our best configuration as per client requirements.

Yes! We have few plans for small businesses to go digital with basic business profile website with greatest look and customization. 

You we can help you to grow your business online. We will let your business serch on  google so that other can know more about your business. We have set of tools and promotion strategy to make your business visible on Internet. 

Yes! We can help you to replace your faulty keyboard on any laptop at minimum cost. Just ask for it. 

Yes! We replace display/screen of any laptop at affordable prices. 

Yes! We can upgrade and install Windows 11 in your laptop or desktop if it is eligible for it. 

1- Name of Firm/ business?
2- Owner Name ?
3- Number Of employees ?
4- Mobile Number ?
5- E-mail ?
6- Address of workplace?
7- Nature of Business?
8- GST Number? If any
9- Work category, Types of work?
10- Business Logo?
12- Facebook business Page?
14- Products and services Offered by you?
15- Name of firms/hotels you have worked with? Partners information.
16. Images/photos/Videos/ of your work done by you.
17- Price list for all services in given category:
a. Product/services name.
b. size/unit/quantity/length/
c. Conveyance charges of any
d. Terms and condition
e. Short description of Services
f. Detail description of services

18- Name the area and locations you prefer to work in India, like Dholpur Rajasthan, Varanasi, Delhi, Kota, MP etc.

19- Short description of your business. What is your business

20- Detail Description of your business, like your work, who you are, what is your mission, Vision of you business, Goal of your business,
21- Images/photos/ Videos which shows your business better.

22. Create social media accounts for business promotions :
a. YouTube channel
b. Instagram
c. Twitter
25. Working hours of your Business

Above is the list of things, which may be required by us for website designing or for digital marketing. If any of the point content is not available form your side, we can help you to create them. You may request for more thing along with the list above, just ask for it.

Answer is YES. We help our customers or clients to make their business online and visible digitally. We have great offers and discounts for website designing in many categories, like, E-commerce, News, Business/Corporate, Small business, Static Website, Dynamic website, Educational website, Commercial website, NGO, Personal website and more. You may ask your requirements for best quotations. 

Domain name is a string of text that maps to a numeric IP address. It is a unique name of an organization on the internet which is used to call and access certain services like, Website and email. Example of domain name is “”. Domain Name can be searched online for availability and price.

If you are willing to upgrade ram in computer or laptop, you should know that maximum available ram slots and supported ram in it before any purchase. To know this try this run this command in command prompt to know about this answer of this questions.

Open command prompt or CMD, then type the bellow command and hit enter in command prompt:

wmic memphysical get maxcapacity

Website is important because of increasing internet and mobile uses, everyone want to know more about any business, person, services or solutions, address, contact information and many more online. And when you are online you may also help them to provide solutions. It is a broadcasting method to share your business information to all at once. If you have a website you just need to share the link of your business website.

  1. Online presence 24/7.
  2. Information Exchange.
  3.  Advertising 
  4. Broadcast Business information.
  5. One click contact information with google map location.
  6. To compete similar business, who are not online or not.

If you did not find the answer of your questions, ask your questions here, we will help you to answer via email and It may be listed on FAQ.