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Tutorial microsoft word 2013 free


In this Microsoft Mirosoft tutorialwe are not only going to highlight new important features of MS Word but also compare its functionality to existing version of Microsoft Office Word d that are out there. Being the foremost program for creating word documents sinceMicrosoft Word is known for its diverse functions for enterprise and personal use. With updates in its features, editing tools, templates, and keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft Word is here, promising you a new experience when creating and editing documents.

Our Learning Computer. In Microzoft Office Wordthey have improved the look and feel of the 1 selling word processing software. Here is what the new Interface looks like shown right below. As you can tell, it is definitely sleeker and wird looking. If you are mivrosoft in Microsoft Word tutorial microsoft word 2013 free, check tutirial our Word Tutorial.

In essence, MS Word uses some basic components from Word Yet, it has enough new features to make it different than any other version of the program so far. Of course, you can opt for installing the classic menu for Word which uses the same interface as the and older versions if you are comfortable using it. This way, you can use tutorial microsoft word 2013 free same display for Microsoft Word Hence, it is important to learn some basic guidelines for using MS Word with ease.

Quick Access Toolbar is one of the first toolbars you will see in microsoft office 2016 standard free Word document. You can view commands in this version. Start off by using these commands. Right-clicking a command will help you add it to your Microsoft Word software.

When we did that, we got the following screen capture. Now you are able to add and modify the default settings. The available commands are in the нажмите чтобы перейти pane, the ones on the right pane are already selected. When you open a file in Microsoft Wordyou will see the Home tab.

Click on one of these tabs in MS Word You will see various commands and buttons for each tab. You can start off with your work accordingly. This is an easy process. Fancy name same functionality! You can start a New Office Word document, open or save an existing one.

You can event print and export the Word file to another format if your lil heart desires that. Here моему atom free for windows 10 присоединяюсь what is looks like for this tutorial on MS Word If you want to organize your documents in a proper way, the Navigation Pane is of great help for you.

You can use this pane tutorial microsoft word 2013 free reorganizing a document. Drag the headings of your tutorial microsoft word 2013 free into this navigation pane and complete your task.

Once you have opened the navigation pane, you will see a search box. Use it to find specific text quickly around longer documents. Some tabs will not be displayed directly unless your file requires them. For example, if you click on Table, tuotrial then you will be able to view microsovt Table Tools, followed by extra tabs such as Layout and Design Tab.

These are contextual microsofft in Microsoft Word and appear only when you are doing a certain task or function. At the bottom of the MS Word window, you will see small boxes from which you can switch views.

The Ribbon can thtorial minimized with a single click. Click on the up arrow on the ribbon bar to minimize the ribbon. Now, you will see its tab names only. You may want to zoom in or zoom out for better text readability. It is much easier with Word Microsoft office product 2010 free download use your cursor to adjust the zoom level by moving the futorial. Using Microsoft Wordyou can get started by choosing the option that suits your writing and editing tasks the best.

Since this version offers you several choices, select the one that microosft most gutorial for you. If you want a variety of online templates, tutorial microsoft word 2013 free the search box, type in keywords, and get templates online. Once you have typed keywords into the search box, you will be directed to Office. My boss love status tutorial microsoft word 2013 free. No problem in Office Here is what it looks like on our computer rree.

To make the template search easier for users, Microsoft Word has included tutorial microsoft word 2013 free words below the template search box. Word provides a variety of templates for its users. You can get жмите to featured templates online, for tuutorial, from Office. When you are short of time, it tutorial microsoft word 2013 free still easy to access the documents you edited recently. Simply click on Gree.

You will get access to your recently edited documents immediately. You tutoeial want to have a look at previously edited documents for referencing purposes. In this scenario, Microsoft Word provides you a user-friendly way to get access to these documents in the shortest time possible. Simply click on Open Other Documents to browse documents tutorial microsoft word 2013 free had created earlier on the computer or online. If you do not want any templates to begin your mcrosoft, you do not need to go through the entire process of starting your work.

Just click on Blank Document to start off on a new page. When you are about to tutorial microsoft word 2013 free started and want wkrd you have saved online, sign in to your own SkyDrive account directly from Microsoft Word I have been using this new feature for a while and love it. You can not only access your documents from anywhere in the world but also 22013 and work together on the same file! You will get access to your online documents directly.

In order to do this, you have to login to your SkyDrive account. If you do not have an account, register free at. If you want to open a new document directly without opening an existing document, then simply open the blank document by pressing Enter or Esc. Microsoft Word has come up with its new feature in Design tab. This has enabled users to choose themes, formatting features, and design styles easily, while understanding their connection with one another.

Though it is an advanced feature of Wordyou have the freedom to customize it according to your tutorial microsoft word 2013 free needs.

To do this, you can create new tutorial microsoft word 2013 free and file them with the most usable commands. To start customizing these Ribbon commands, for this training step on Word microsoft 2010 pack free download, just do the following:. Once you start using Microsoft Tutorial microsoft word 2013 free Wordyou will notice that this new version also comprises of some common commands and tools, previously available in the earlier versions of Microsoft Word.

However, make sure you use these options based on the following guidelines:. Word File tab — Use it to open, print, preview, save, tutoriall, send, or convert files. In addition, you can also click on this File to save these documents ttorial the internet. Word Home tab — Format your document, change the style of text, or the line spacing using this wotd.

Word Insert tab — Ffee tables, micrisoft, diagrams, headers, footers, page numbers, or tutorial microsoft word 2013 free by clicking on Insert, and then look tutroial the desired option in the groups of microsofy, pages, illustrations, headers and footers, and links.

This tab definitely has had a makeover, my favorite new features mivrosoft Word included the ability to add:. Microsoft Word Design tab — Adding watermark into your document or simply changing its look can be done easily. Word Page Layout tab — Specific documents such as newsletters 201 business reports require page breaks and margins.

Go ahead with this task by clicking on Page Layout. Then go to Page Setup to set margins and add page breaks. Word References tab — Working on annual reports has become easier with the referencing worv of Microsoft Office To use the same in Wordclick on References, and tutoial Table of Contents, followed by Footnotes. You will see an organized report tutorial microsoft word 2013 free the right page direction.

Microsoft Word Mailings tab — Though it is a specific option depending on its level of usage, it is not complicated.

If you want to create labels or envelopes from WordTutorial microsoft word 2013 free on Mailings, and then on Create. You can also choose the option of Start Mail Merge when you are required to perform a mail merge.

Office Word Review tab — Review your work by clicking on Review. You will see numerous other options under this umbrella. Click on Proofing or Tracking to know the word count, track changes, and check grammar and spelling. Tutorial microsoft word 2013 free View tab — Sometimes you need to view the document in different forms such as print layout and full-screen reading.

To do this, click on View, and then choose from the groups of Show, View, and Window. One of the new features in MS Word is the ability to save your files online. As mentioned above, you can sign in using your Microsoft account. For this, you need to have the SkyDrive app on your desktop.


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Microsoft Word Tutorial — Free and Online.

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