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Automatiser transfert ftp filezilla

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Jul 29,  · Importing FileZilla Site. Use the Import Sites command to import your FileZilla site to WinSCP.. Once the site is imported, use the Generate Session URL/Code command to generate a script or assembly code (C#, or PowerShell) for the site.. Directly Referring to FileZilla Site in Script. Alternatively, you can directly refer to the FileZilla site from . Aug 15,  · Step 1: Export Your Filezilla Site Manager Data. Launch Filezilla and choose “Export ” from the “File” menu. Choose all available settings to export so that we can accurately create Diplomat MFT transactions to match your Filezilla settings. Save the resulting file in a location that you can remember (such as your Desktop). Aug 19,  · Simple FTP script for the Windows command line. An FTP script consists of the same commands that you normally issue in an interactive session, except that the commands are entered into a file. Let’s take a look at a simple script that: Logs in to a FTP server at ; Enters “user1” as the username and “demo” as that username’s.

Automatiser transfert ftp filezilla


Choisissez le fichier. Cette classification liste toutes les valeurs possibles pour l’attribut Google product category. Vous pouvez aussi inclure plusieurs jeux d’attributs. Brand in Acer Apple Sony : incluera au flux seulement les produits de ces trois marques. Brand not in Dell Toshiba : incluera dans le flux tous les produits dont la marque n’est pas Dell ou Toshiba.

Ce format de fichier est requis pour certains moteurs de recherche comme Amazon, Shopzilla, Twenga, etc. Est le raccourci pour :. Par exemple :. Par e xemple :. Les exigences de champs obligatoires pour Google Shopping sont fonction du type de produits que vous souhaitez soumettre.

Google Merchant Center distingue 2 types d’anomalies : les erreurs bloquantes et les avertissements non bloquants. Il est important de lire la description des erreurs!

Le comparateur de prix Shopping. Voici quelques champs liste non-exaustive que Shopping. Frais de port. Par exemple, le code pour : Ordinateurs Disques durs. Voici un exemple de configuration de template dans le cadre d’une boutique vendant des t-shirts :. Dans le footer :. Tout d’abord, voici quelques liens qui vous aideront dans la configuration de votre template :.

Bing Shopping n’accepte pas les les fichiers XML. Bing Shopping recommande d’utiliser le nom bingshopping. Le comparateur de prix Bing Shopping vous demande d’inclure dans votre template au moins 6 champs obligatoires :. Shopzilla n’accepte pas les les fichiers XML. Le comparateur de prix Shopzilla vous demande d’inclure dans votre template 15 champs obligatoirement.

Les autres sont facultatifs. Price Grabber n’accepte pas les les fichiers XML. Le comparateur de prix Price Grabber requiert certains champs obligatoire en fonction du type de produit que vous vendez.

Le comparateur de prix Twenga vous demande d’inclure dans votre template au moins 7 champs obligatoires. Chemin de navigation du produit en fil d’ariane. Le comparateur de prix Idealo vous demande d’inclure obligatoirement ces champs dans votre template. Le comparateur de prix eBay vous demande d’inclure dans votre template au moins 9 champs obligatoires. Formats de fichiers Exportez vos produits dans n’importe quel type de fichier : csv, txt et xml. Advanced Filters Define more personalized filters using advanced filters.

Cependant, un fichier contenant 10 produits ne devrait pas prendre plus de 2 minutes sur un serveur standard. Confirmez que vous souhaitez migrer votre licence vers une licence Magento 2 en cliquant sur Confirm and checkout. Cliquez sur Add this domain to my license. En achetant une extension depuis wyomind. Vous y trouverez un fichier shell tel que: yourextension-uninstall. Cliquez ici: Activation des extensions. Cas 2 Cochez uniquement la case Catalogue, recherche et tout se passera sans soucis.

Vous pouvez apposer des conditions sur chaque attributs de vos produits, comme le prix [price], le nom [name], le SKU, la couleur [color], la taille [size], etc.

Vous obtiendrez donc un fichier. Vous obtiendrez un fichier. Selectionnez un flux et allez dans l’onglet Ftp Settings.

Sur Magento, les produits configurables sont des conteneurs pour les produits simples. Vous pouvez utiliser l’un des attributs suivants :. Comme exemple, nous avons un produit avec 2 custom options : LugColor et LugSize. Au lieu de :. Comme vous le savez sans doute, les produits configurables sont seulement des conteneurs pour les produits simple non visibles individuellement, ce que Google appelle des “variantes”.

A la place, vous devez soumettre les produits simples qui disposent de toutes les informations. Remplacez le code par celui ci-dessous remplacez “attribute” par le code de votre attribut :. Si vous obtenez une page blanche en utilisant l’extension, vous devriez activer le rapport d’erreurs afin d’afficher l’erreur en question.

Vous pouvez l’activer depuis index. This extension is a must-have for any merchant! It is very feature rich and lets you build feeds for whatever your needs are. Wyomind has been around for a long time so we trust their level of expertise with whatever issue arises. The Data feed manager is a neccesary plugin for any serious Magento 2 webshop. It helps you out in the most easy way to connect to the commercial environments outside Magento, ie Google Merchants, price comparison websites.

Prefilled profiles give you at hand solution or at least a good insight in how to connect to other systems automatically. I am not a programmer and was able to set it up myself! The data feed manager works like promised and delivers great feeds to upload to various marketplaces. Used this extension for many year, very very flexible and is now the go to solution for data output from Magento store to any external system.

Simple, reliable, does what it says on the Tin! Awesome extension!!. Very easy to customize and a lot of options and filters to get the perfect feed. We use it for Google and several marketplaces. Really good and quick support. The extensions is very professional and works as expected.

The Data Feed manager is easy to use with a lot of features by default. It is also possible to extend the basic features with custom code to satisfy our special needs.

This extension is very important for our webshop. We have been using this modules for years and its very easy to generate the google feed using predefined variables to build he xml, we highly recommend this extension to everyone, thisis perfect extesion for our business need.

Great module, with lots of options to fit every need. And perfect if your selling computergames. Great extension, easy to use, and very good support. We are successfully using this module on our website for the last 5 years. Recently we switched to Magento 2 and it’s working like charm. This is very helpful extension in marketing.. Thanks for making this type of extension. Wyomind has made my life easy and sales boost in google shopping. The work load has decreased and the efficiency of my team has increased.

I encourage them to keep making such helpful tools to keep us soaring high in the field of e-commerce. Hail Wyomind! Great module, with the possibility to create any feeds do you want. Support very fast in replying. We are successfully using this module on our website since 5 years.

On our Magento 1 webshop and recently switched to the Magento 2 version. Just came on the website for downloading latest version, it’s right to left a feedback! This is by far the easiest datafeed module I have used. We have been users for over 4 years.

It is very intuitive and easy to configure. Clean code, great support team. Product was very helpful it achieve our target and the support team is professional I shall highly recommend this product.

This module is a must have if you want to create quick and easy feeds from your website products. Facebook feeds, instagram feeds, google shopping feeds, no problem! The feeds module is easy to install and the support team a Wyomind are not only responsive, but go the extra mile to help with any issues. We’ve been using Wyomind’s Datafeed Manager for several years.

And it does a great job – like Wyomind’s support team. It’s very responsive and it helps when problems arise. Highly recommended! The possibility of applying filters to the products to be exported according to the generated datafeed is also very convenient. Installed on magento 2 cloud commerce version. Note some cache issues when downloading feeds from the backend.

I’ve been using the Wyomind plugin for years now and it is an essential plugin to manage my datafeeds. Each marketing channel needs specific requirements Google, Share A Sale, AdRoll, Facebook etc and Wyomind makes it super easy to configure the feed per each ones requirements. Also cron updates to create a fresh feed daily, very simple and barely need to maintain. Support is excellent too, very responsive and helpful. Super bonus that Im in the USA and they seem to answer the same day during my timezone which is stellar!

We’ve been using Data Feed Manager since on our Magento 1 webshop and recently switched to the Magento 2 version. This extension offers so many options and can be customized completely, and the Magento 2 version got even better. Does everything we need it to. All our products are nicely updated on Google and thats all i can ask :- We also use it for other feeds like Pricerunner, Onbuy, Pricespy and a few others.

Being able to set the times these feeds run is very useful also Overall really pleased. Great module, totally customized and with the possibility to create any feeds do you want.

Support very fast in replying and kindly. I’ve been using their google related extensions on various websites and must say that we never faced any issues which could not be fixed within 10 minutes of submitting a support ticket.

They are all easy to use and the support is top-notch! We have for 3 years Data Feed Manager in use. The best programme on the market. Easy to use. But the best thing is the support, very fast reaction ,always competent answers. A clear recommendation. This plugin saves you so much time as it is ready to go out of the box.

We use it for google shopping and it works great! Support is excellent and they really know their stuff! This plugin does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

It is easy to set up and install. It will save you a lot of time. It’s easy to link your products directly to different marketplaces. This is also a good solution for Dutch marketplaces. Looks very interesting to use this tool instead of the tool we currently use! Using this extension with CRON allowed me saving much much time.

I have at least 10 PHP apps working with the flows generated with it. More generally, i recommend Wyoming for their professionalism. Thanks to the DataFeedManager extension, we can keep the products of our store listed in the main marketplaces and price comparators in the world.

It is easy to use and allows many possibilities for sharing product data. Great support also! Very powerful extension because of the possibility to use php scripting. There is not much which can’t be done. We use it to create our own high quality datafeeds. No need to use third parties. Also support is fast and helpful. The Data Feed extension is very flexible.

So we can configure it and create feeds for different platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook catalog etc. Relly must-have! Great company with really good plugins, have been using a few of their plugins for a few years with no issues.

Datafeed manager we have used on 1. Both have worked well. We have had issues with a recent change we made with our site and datafeed manager on magento 2 with grouped products but hoping to get that fixed soon. Overall would recommend. I have been using extensions from Wyomind since and the Data Feed manager is an excellent tool that we have used on 3 different websites.

It is easily configurable and generates feeds in different file formats for different sales channels. A hidden benefit is that this can also be used for managing multi-store export-import much better than the native Magento CSV export.

Their support also has been top-notch with the after sales support. All an all, happy to recommend them for some good solutions that work. It’s an outstanding product, we are fully satisfied with it. Simple, powerful, reliable, no errors and no fuss. We strongly adviced it to set-up feeds quckly and with the flexibility needed for different feed processors. We love everything we can automate.

If we could automate our cups of coffee we would. We use the Data Feed Manager to provide our customers the number 1 solution for their marketing. Very easy to integrate and the customer support response is very rapid. We have used the Wyomind Data Feed Manager for many years for all of our Magento 1 stores and never had a problem with it. It’s very easy to create all kinds of custom product feeds csv, xml for our partners.

We also use this Extension for our Magento 2 stores and we’re very happy with it. We had one issue and the support was very knowledgable and helpful. Very happy with the performance of the Data Feed Manager module, it’s been reliable and has worked well for us.

We’ve only had some smaller issues with having to revalidate the module after deploying to our production server, but this has been a minor issue for us. Also been some confusion with getting the feed manager ext validated on our stage and dev environments but that’s likely user error on our end. We were looking for a way to export the data to send to our third-party partners and get traffic to the site.

Wyomind Data Feed Manager gave us a way to quickly and efficiently get the data to a number or outlets in one, easy to use outlet. So powerful, really allows heavy customization and to create whatever feed you’d like. Couldn’t run my store without it. We have used Wyomind for many years with the Magento 1 stores we have built and configured for our clients.

The support team at Wyomind are amazing, super friendly, and extremely knowledgable. We have also experienced their extensions for Magento 2. Wyomind are part of our essential modules when it comes to pitching Magento developments to our customers here in the UK. If its from the awesome Order Eraser, to the legendary Data Feed Manager, they are must have for any Magento Store owner – we will be back, again and again! It still presents product that are out of stock. We still have errors on that.

Great extension. We originally just wanted to use the datafeed manager so that we could create a feed for our affiliate program rather than any of the set templates that came with it. It’s incredibly flexible with the tags that you can use and straightforward and easy to use, we especially like the check data feature so you can quickly and easily see an example of the results before creating the feed.

We have feeds going to many different places and it would be very difficult to manage the feeds without this extension. The feeds are incredibly easy to setup and very customisable with the use of PHP. The schedules help us to manage the server load and the quick visual check means we don’t need to refresh the feed each time we make a change. Good module, super necessary, frequent updates however as frequent bugs but a quick response from their support always fixes the issue.

They help if necessary and deliver a product that you can’t ignore as a serious magento shop. I have used this extension for over 7 years on both Magento 1 and now Magento 2. It is very easy to use with many features. It is must have extension for any significant ecommerce work.

We have only been using wyomind for 1 month and so far it has been great for creating the product feeds for our international google shopping accounts, affiliate programs, amazon. It is also fantastic that wyomind has scheduling out of the box so you can choose how often the feeds are refreshed as often as 30 mins — which is invaluable when listing on 3rd party platforms so the data is accurate.

The support from wyomind has been fantastic and they have helped us to fix any issues plus also extend functionality for bespoke areas of our business such as product FX rates and virtual magento 2 products.

We would certainly recommend wyomind for anybody that has a Magento 2 store and wants to take advantage of being able to create product feeds on the fly with no impact to the overall store performance.

The suport is ok and there are some upgrades available, which are important as well. It is possible to customize the feeds in any way you can imagine. Great support. You can export all data all formats. I highly recommended this extension! This module is great. Easy to read and precise and clear documentation makes using and setting up feeds for all your needs easy and painfree. Along with the great support from Wyomind its a no brainer.

I’ve used numerous Wyomind extensions over the years and I appreciate their functionality and quality support. It’s a valid suport to manage the feed for any MarketPlace or partner. Great Support. We are using this extension for several years now, it has many features and the support is excellent! This is just working, support are super, can recommend, a lower cost on support ours but other then that, its really great function.

We use this extension in almost every of our projects, it works perfectly for any custom feed you need. We have easily managed to get our relatively complex data structure setup on google shopping and now know we can get this working on plenty of other shopping channels, affiliates etc We sent simple products up but they still retained some of the parent properties liek category which was very easy to do.

We had a built of help from our web developers on some syntax , in php but other than that is has been very easy. We use this plugin for our Magneto stores, It works perfectly and helps in a easy way to create data feed. Great plugin, good customer service! It is easy to see that this is a time tested extension, is easy to configure and get it to output what you need with really good support cover as well. Created a number of feeds and was able to easily set store local and currency by adding parameters that were concatenated with store urls.

We use the extension for both standards Facebook, Google,.. It works perfectly and compared to other similar extensions on the market it works really faster. I would recommend to everyone, a really must-have extension. Had this extension for a few years now and it’s the best data feed extension available. We mainly use it for Google Shopping and it’s always been amazing, plus the Wyomind support is second to none.

We installed the product trouble free, had a question for support to do with image sizes who helped out straight away. We use this extension to provide a feed to the affiliate network that we use and it works fine. Especially being able to tag in specific data that we need that really helps a lot in getting the exact data that we need over to them. This is a fantastic addition to any Magento 2 website.

It allows us to manage all our datafeeds in one place and its very easy to use. Highly recommended. We have been using the data feed manager for like over three years now we started with magento 1 and moved to magento 2 it is by far the easiest way to get your products showing in google shopping feeds.

The support is also excellent, very fast responses and even better if you write a review, share your experience, user name and url they will give you 3 moths of support for free! This is Paul W from Grasslands signing off. I love this extension because of it’s flexibility. I hooked up dropshippers and other platforms to our Magento store and it’s a breeze to set everything up.

In my opinion a must-have for every store owner who wants to connect to other platforms! We’ve been using this feed to populate google with our refurbished IT hardware and it works a treat. Fantastic product. We are using the data Feed manager for some years now, and it works perfect to feed google and pricerunner with product updates. I have installed Data Feed Manager on Magento 1, and am very pleased with the amount of feed templates available. There’s more than I know what to do with!

Google shopping and amazon are my focus, but it’s great to know that expansion is quick and easy with the additional feed templates that are already available at the click of a button. We are using the data Feed manager for a couple of years and use it for advertising on several marketing platforms. The Data feed manager is flexibel and good to use. Also support is verry quick with respons.

I highly recommended extension! I’ve been using datafeed for a long time, in almost all of my projects. I was never in a difficult position, whatever the customer’s requirement was. Wyomind is probably the best and fastest support I’ve come across in 20 years doing this job.

This is the best module for generating feed for Google shopping and other feed. Purchased a few excellent extensions from Wyomind, this one is no exception.

Support is good and pretty quick to respond. Easy setup, no issues. We are using the module in multiple Magento 1 installations. It works perfectly and has a wide flexibility. A great feature is the possibility to define functions.

That makes this extension very useful. The supporteam is fast and resolves problems efficently. Installed very easily and configured quickly and creates our feed perfectly.

Also support are great for any product queries. Many thanks. Data feed manager is great , I switched from another data feed extension that didn’t support grouped products properly. I found it so good , I decided to purchase a couple more extensions as well which I am very happy with as well.

Really makes the job of creating a feed. Customer support is excellent and fast as it already was in Magento1 extensions. The Data feed Manager is must have extension, but there is room for improvements. The wyomind datafeed manager is a must have for our store and use it to generate google shopping feeds and a few other custom exports that are required to sync our business operations. Customer support is very responsive and always ready to help.

Highly recommended and great extension overall. Very easy to use. We have used Wyomind and their awesome extensions for many years, and the Data Feed Manager is one that I would recommend to all my eCommerce clients. For any Merchant looking for a seamless data feed integration the Data Feed Manager is a must have for any modern merchant channel that accepts CSV markup. The templates that are pre-built within the Data Feed Module enable a quick and easy reference for some standard Merchant Channel feeds, and an easy guide in creating markup for a custom data feed if required.

Keep up the good work Wyomind! I have been using the data feed extension by Wyomind for over 4 years now. We use a wide range of extensions from different suppliers but this is one of them that is something different! Broad functionality with a superb documentation and to add on top, the support which always reply within minutes! An experience i havent had with any other developer. We are using this extension now for years and are very satisfied with it.

This extension is maintained and the support is fast and helpful. So it is really a “Must have tool” for Magento. After using a wide variety of data feed extensions i can safely say that this has been the best i have used.

It gives you the ability to easily customize and update your feed to use exactly what you require. The support during set-up was excellent and i was up and running in no time. I am going to be setting up an affiliate marketing data feed. So far, support has been very quick to get back me and very helpful.

I still have a few more questions, and I have every confidence Wyomind support will get me through the process. In a few months we’ll be switching to M2, and I am confident that will be a smooth transition as well.

Fast, reliable, customizable at best extent, we can pass a lot of variables to different feeds in order to have a consistent stream of data from our catalogue to the main price comparators. Easy to set-up. We are using this great extension now over one year and we are very satisfied. Every support question is fast and polite answered, so we recommend this data feed extension to every shop owner.

I highly recommend this module to anyone, we have used it on all our websites and it offers unparalleled flexibility and is easy to use with Wyomind’s brilliant documentation. A must have for your magento website. Very helpful for creating Product Data Feeds. We are using few extension’s from Wyomind, they build plugin’s which are bug-free and the support is very friendly and they solve few issues in a timely manner.

Been using the Wyomind data feed manager on our magneto 2 installation for some time now, found it to be excellent. Pretty easy to install, use and configure, yet powerful and flexible for our needs with a multivendor, multistore site.

Does need some experience of XML and JSON to get working properly, so not really for novices but easy for people with above average site skills. Support is fast and excellent quality!! I’ve bought Data Feed Manager and it has been performing well. I can tell that it is not very user friendly, and it requires some expertise to monoeuvre it. Its not something very intuitive. Now, i need some support to fix some issues with the plugin, and i hope this review will be able to clarify things to whoever comes to buy the plugin in the future.

Really simple to configure and work perfectly. I can manage without any problem Google and Facebook product feed, adding all data and filtering products. It’s also possibile to manage feed for other market place like Amazon or Trovaprezzi without purchasing other plugins.

Data feed manager is a powerful tool to deploy feeds of your catalog. If I had to choose one feed extension over all the magento offers, it will be definitely the wyomind datafeed manager. It’s easy to set up and works perfectly. The sample feeds for the different shopping platforms are very helpful. It’s a huge time save that’s well worth the price! Saves a lot of time and great options to select what fields you want.

Easy to adjust og works like a charm. Great support as always. The extension is a real must-have! We have been using Wyomind Data Feed Manager for many years. Have to say, we were so excited to see a tool like this exist. We use this extensions on regular basis to export our product data to analyse.

There are many different usage of this feed. We love how easy and simple it is to use! Paul and Laurie have been very quick to answer of questions as well. Highly recommended if you need to export your product data from your store! After we tried a couple of other extensions we stopped on Wyomind.

The best extension out there. What we love the most about Wyomind extensions for Magento is the simplicity of them but complexity at the same time. The support is second to none I must say. They work very closely with you to make sure that you are fully happy with their support. We didn’t stop here. After purchased one extension we came back for more and more. Very happy with extension. You can customize many options and the support team provides pretty quick support, they will guide you through custom programming and login to your staging site to fix issues themselves.

Works great but you really should offer free upgrades for life on this extension. We have searched a lot and found this extension. Highly recommend installing this extension as it boosts our online sales through multiple sales channels.

Easy to install and very content with the results. Data Feed Manager allows our team to quickly create various data feeds, especially Google Shopping feeds. In this way, we can set up new feeds for new markets in our multistore Magento 2.

In fact, we have some issues and ideas which should be implemented. We hope Wyomind is ready to manage them. We love this extension it automated all of our feeds to third party sales platforms! Wyomind support is very responsive with any issues you may have.

The extension is constantly being upgraded to remain compatible. Great experience. The Data Feed manager for Magento 1 is working good.

The resources needed are quit big. Hopefully the extension will improve with new updates. I’ve been using this extension for a few months now and have had an overall great experience getting my Google Feeds up and running.

It took a few minutes of research to figure out how to get all the fields I wanted added into the feed, but it was well worth it. When I had a couple of questions, Wyomind’s team was quick to respond and was quite helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction. I’ve only currently used this for Google Shopping ads, but I will be utilizing it soon to create other feeds as well.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get a Google Shopping feed going on their Magento 2 store. We installed Data Feed manager for our Magento 1 and it’s working quite well. On the improvement part we think that the speed of feed generation and the resources needed are too high. Trying to get an update of our version to see if these problems disappear. The Data Feed manager is working well in our multistore in Magento 2. We’ve currently set more than 50 feeds and everything is working very smooth.

The options to filter the feeds on product attributes, categories and store views come in very handy when working with various platforms which require different feeds. Je recommande. I am using extension and there are so many options inside. I had a problem with configurable and child product process and I found solution.

If you know your job, you can make any export. An essential extension for Magento users. Easy to use and really good support. Allows our team to quickly setup new feeds for new markets, affiliates and other marketplaces. Extension is so flexible that it can be used for market place feed optimization.

We run this extension since many years. Never had a problem! The extension works well and as advertised. Great range of extensions, to fulfil what we require as a business. Highly recommended modules with good support provided too. Wyomind is one of the best developers around when it comes to Magento extensions. For ease to import all your items to anywhere you like. Sooooo simple to use and super easy to install. I tried a lot of feed generators, but Wyomind is the one where I can configure everything smoothly.

If there are no built-in option, I can few lines of php and get custom variables, calculatations. I use it for 2 years and this Data Feed Manager meet my expectatation for all price comparator feeds I need for my store.

Trust me I did a lot of enhanced xmls – with variables, custom calculations of tax. Extension supports custom options, currencies, and advanced stock. You can add filters and rules to generate the feed you need. Simple setup, endless possibilities regarding filtypes and content. Have been using the extension for 3 year without any hickups. I have used more Wyomind on several sites as a independant contractor, and I can only recommend.

Great for generating feeds for different marketplaces, and has been running excellent so far. Easy to use backend and very useful extensions.

We can generate custom feeds as required with very less effort and very quickly. This is a must have for any Magento website.

I was excited even before purchasing the module because of the fast and excellent support provided both by chatting and by emailing my problem. I have been experimenting with the module for two days now and everything seems to work as it should. The backend is clean and straightforward with so many things to configure.

I am about to purchase another module from Wyomind, because it looks that their modules worth every penny. Keep up the good work! Regards, Fay. Data Feed Manager helps us in overcoming a lot of export issues with Magento.

Our webshop in Denmark uses a lot of funny characters, i. Magento always messes things up when exported. Most with the standard functions and some with small adjustments to the improved functions of Wyomind. Our Danish descriptions are now readible and editable in excell.

Great extension!! We use this extension in our Magento 1 and Magento 2 webshop. The extension is easy to use and have a lot of functions. The manual has been extended and the support from Wyomind is excellent. I would recommend the extension to other people, also the FTP function works very well. As web agency, we use this extension to manage all feeds for our Magento websites.

It’s simple to configure and it has great performance on creating feeds. Used this in Magento 1 and now again in Magento 2. It is a little different in Magento 2 and took quite a lot of help to get going as the syntax is a bit different. The support was very quick and attentive to help me get the first one set up.

Once that was done the rest of the feeds were easy as you can duplicate feeds and rename, which is a nice feature. Previewing sample is a really great feature. I have compared other feed solutions but not are even close to this one. It is worth every penny of investment. We use the Data Feed Manager for several years now with no problems at all. It saves a lot of time and manage more than 10 feeds for different price search engines and meta search engines.

It is worth its money! We have been using this extension for 5 years without an issue. Easy to add more feeds from any type of marketplace and or cpc comparison shopping channel.

Good extension. User-friendly and scalable. Easy to set up for various channels. A must for an online shop that wants to carry out serious online marketing. A must so. Also easy in installation and configuration! We’ve started with the Google Shopping feed extension a couple of years ago, but needed more customisation in the feeds for other channels.

The data feed manager was the solution for this. We’ve used this extension for over two years and push feeds to several platforms. Having used this extension for quite some time now we can highly recommend this solution for Magento 1 or Mangento 2, this product makes it very easy to create data feeds for a wide variety of ecommerce platforms plus the support is second to none.

All round excellent product and after sales service. Hi, My company uses the Magento 2 version of this extension in order to generate our Google shopping feed. It is easy to configure and use. I especially appreciate the ability to quick test changes to the feed and preview 10 results. This has enhanced our troubleshooting ability and makes the work faster when we are adding in new attributes or making adjustments. Thank you to the Wyomind team for creating a nice extension for Magento.

We have been using this extension for 4 years without any issues now. We do need an upgrade after 4 years for latest 1. We found out that this tool is essential for maintaining a successful Google Shopping campaign. Lots of default settings and a more than enough possibilities for customizing your feeds! I’ve used a few of their modules including the Datafeed and I have always received great service and the products have always worked as expected or better.

I would recommend wyomind to anyone looking for a good product and service. Mais ce module est lourd et parfois un peu lent. Et le support est ultra rapide et efficace.

We have used Data Feed Manager for many years now, just a couple words of advice, the licensing and IP block system on our staging site seems to throw issues all the time.

But overall we are very happy with this product! Data Feed Manager is a very useful extension what I recommend to all my clients who need a feed manager. Also the support answer very fast to all my problems. The Data Feed Manager is a useful plugin to have to help automate the process of uploading multiple feeds, saving us a lot of time and energy. However, we have had some issues a long the way with certain information being pulled that may not be necessary to our shopping feeds – so the additional support is needed from time to time.

The extension works perfect! Wyomind have a really good support. They answer in a short time and help us in each case. I can recommend this extension. We use this extension for different datafeeds. It works since over a half year without any problems.

Funktioniert seit Great plugin with the ability to extensively customise each feed. Easy to use for beginners using basic filtering tools mapped directly to your Magento environment, yet also has the capability for advanced customisation by directly entering into the xml script dialogue. The feed manager is an essential tool if you want to manage large feeds for Google Shopping or simple.

Products are changing constantly and trying to manually create and update a feed would be extremely time consuming. Feed Manager makes it all easy once its all setup you just let it run and keep your product feed in sync with your website. This is the most flexible tool to create all kinds of feeds. All business customers require different layouts and fields, and we managed to create all of them. Especially the PHP options allow you to create all data combinations.

Questions for support are answered within a working day. This modules solves our feed request for Google, FB and affiliate networks. Wonderful plugin and great support. Excellent extension to generate feeds for many marketplaces, the various templates already present help in an excellent way the creation of the desired feed. The syntax checking window is very useful for the preliminary verification of the feed you want to obtain.

We have tried several different extensions for our Google Shopping Feed and this one is the best. Really like the live preview and error check. Very customizable extension to generate almost any data feed you could want Also some attributes would break feed generation with every new release or patch of Magento.

Things that I am sure have gotten ironed out by now and probably were due to Magento bugs rather then bugs with this code. Going to give it another shot and see if I can get usable feeds automatically.

It works very well. It is great help when you need to make any complex feeds. It is important not to generate different feeds at the same time. This extension works very well with our store. Helpfull, undrestanding and fast support. Good team! Thank you! We tried several other data feed modules before installing this one.

The flexibility of this module is far better than the rest. We’ve never had to worry about it again. Very good extension, tried a few free ones but they all had issues so decided to buy this one and it was great.

Had some technical issue but it was resolved in a couple of days. This is exactly what everyone needs to configure feeds. It allows to setup anything I can imagine for my store. Thanks for such a great extension! Great for setting up google shopping and also a great overal tool for many other things. Need a quick fresh Product database export? A developer recommended Wyomind to us and it was well worth the investment. Many thanks for their efforts and support.

Data feed manager is an excellent tool for an eCommerce manager that helps you set up your feeds with 0 knowledge of development, therefor saving a great amount of time. I totally recommend the use of it for every kind of e-shop!

It took me hours to understand how to build a good feed for Google Shopping I looked around and found many solutions I already had positive experiences with Wyomind WatchLogPro so the choice was also quite easy. And I’m happy I did it! I found a complete and detailed instruction set actually a complete Google Shopping learning session! Thumbs up! Excellent module. We were using this module for 3 years with google product and amazon.

Initially hard to grasp as all complex things are but we very pleased to find it hadnt been dumbed down for stupid people. Id rather have to work to understand something than take it for granted. Create a non-Active Directory user. Add an Active Directory user. View user. Edit user details. Delete user. Roles overview. Enterprise System created roles. Enterprise Bot permissions for a role. Enterprise Feature permissions for a role.

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Select migration type. Select roles to migrate. Select users to migrate. Select bots to migrate. Select MetaBots to migrate. Verify data and migrate. Analyze migration status. Complete post-migration activities.

Migration: FAQs. Bots – Overview. Credentials- Overview. Create a credential. View a credential. Enterprise Edit a credential. Delete a credential. Lockers- Overview. Set up a locker and assign relevant credentials. Create a locker. View a locker.

Enterprise Edit a locker. Delete a locker. Credential requests. Enterprise 11 Credential Vault email notifications. My bots- overview. Files and folder s. Create and edit folders. View Bot details.

Add or remove manual dependencies. View folder details. Folders area. Enterprise Run a bot. Guidelines for RDP-based bot deployment. Delete bots and folders. Force unlock bots. Enterprise Export bots. Enterprise Import bots. Activity overview.

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Viewing a Report Graphically.


HTML vers WordPress : Un guide détaillé pour téléverser et convertir du HTML.

Customizing COE dashboard.


Data Feed Magento extension

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