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Password cracking tools can also be used by system administrators to check for easily hackable passwords. Although traditionally perceived to be used exclusively for criminal purposes, using password hacking tools to test or recover lost passwords is a legal practice. The best password cracker apps can handle multiple targets simultaneously, are usable on different platforms, and support multiple protocols. John the Ripper is a good choice for a password cracking tool, mainly because of its open-source nature and support for different platforms.

The open-source nature means that the code is available to the public, so users do not have to worry about the legality of the software and about potential malware of malicious programs that might be deeply integrated into the software. Since John the Ripper is open source, users may find the need to use encryption technologies supported by the software.

In such cases, external extensions made by other users can be downloaded from the Internet and used with John the Ripper. John the Ripper is usable for passwords on Windows, macOS, and Linux, along with web apps, groupware, database servers, network traffic captures such as network authentication and WiFi , encrypted private keys, filesystems, archives, and document files. Additionally, John the Ripper jumbo can support hundreds of hash and cipher types.

The software comes in two variations, the standard John the Ripper product, which is free, and John the Ripper Pro for Linux and macOS for commercial uses. Fixed price quotes are also available for specific projects. The flexibility of John the Ripper comes with some disadvantages. Users may find that the software takes some time to set up, and some knowledge of using the command line is also necessary to fully maximize the benefits of John the Ripper.

John the Ripper is safe to use as it runs under the same user privileges for every other program by the user. As for privacy, the cracked password is shown or given only to the user; it is up to each user to take steps to prevent unauthorized access by other users.

There are no legal issues that arise directly from the standard use of the software. Multiple platforms and operating systems are supported, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS for desktop. There is also mobile support for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. The main feature of Hashcat is automatic password recovery.

Hashcat is also known to be one of the fastest password cracker apps. Hashcat does not store any cracked passwords on its servers, ensuring that any passwords deciphered by the user are given to that user alone.

For this reason, it is possible to say that Hashcat provides privacy. Using Hashcat is legal, provided that the purposes for its use are legal as well. The software works as a login brute-forcer; many credentials using as many protocols as possible are inputted to arrive at the correct password. Parallel testing also allows the software to perform simultaneous brute-force testing.

The flexible user input allows the user to configure each item as either single-entry or multiple-entry, and the modular design means that Medusa requires no modifications to extend the supported list of services. There is currently no support for Windows. For Kali Linux users, Medusa is already pre-installed. As for privacy, Medusa does not store any information obtained for or inputted by the user.

Any cracked passwords are available only to the user, which may allay some privacy fears. Medusa is completely legal to use as long as users ensure that the passwords obtained are their own or belong to people who have given authority or consent for password recovery. THC Hydra has seen many comparisons to Medusa as a password cracker, but there are notable differences between the two software.

Like Medusa, THC Hydra is also an online password cracking tool that uses a brute-force password guessing method. In addition to the brute-force method, THC Hydra can also use dictionary attacks, using external wordlists.

THC Hydra is free and also open-source, with over 25 regular contributors. Like the main software, xHydra may also be downloaded from the Github repository. THC Hydra does not collect or store any recovered passwords on online servers. The mere use of THC Hydra is not illegal.

Another feature of the program is finding hidden resources like servlets, directories, and scripts. The tool also supports multiple injection types with multiple dictionaries. WFuzz stands out as more than just a password cracker; the software also allows users to detect vulnerabilities and secure Web applications as a whole. WFuzz is a free tool that makes this list because of its multi-platform support.

The software can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Since WFuzz uses a command-line interface, users may have to be familiar with commands to maximize the use of WFuzz. WFuzz is legal to use, provided that users limit their use of the program to the legal recovery of passwords.

Brutus can recover passwords and usernames from websites, operating systems, and other applications. True to its name, Brutus utilizes a brute-force dictionary attack to retrieve passwords. There are also multiple brute force modes that users can choose from to tweak the exact methodology by which Brutus cracks passwords.

Brutus also supports multiple connections, allowing for up to 60 simultaneous connections. The user can also tweak the precise brute force modes.

Unlike most password crackers on the list, Brutus does not support any operating system other than Windows desktop. Additionally, Brutus cannot crack passwords for social media and email accounts. The program also cannot hack complex passwords that consist of numbers, letters, and symbols. Brutus is a free software that does not require command-line knowledge or familiarity from the user.

The graphics user interface allows for relatively easier use than more powerful and more technical password crackers that use only command-line interfaces. For this reason, Brutus is recommended for simple projects and users who are unfamiliar with complex interfaces. Since Brutus does not use any external files like wordlists, users will face minimal privacy issues, if any. Additionally, the only safety concerns that users may face are hardware-related, as password crackers can be quite taxing on computers.

As with all password crackers, Brutus can be used legally, provided users limit password recovery to their passwords or passwords of people who have authorized password recovery.

RainbowCrack is another password cracker tool that uses a rainbow table attack to decipher passwords in hash form. The main technique used is the time-memory trade-off technique which can be accelerated with multiple GPUs.

Users can use RainbowCrack to generate rainbow tables to be used in the password cracking process or download preexisting rainbow tables from the Internet. Alternatively, the user can download paid rainbow tables from RainbowCrack as well.

There are no recorded instances of RainbowCrack gaining unauthorized access or causing crashes to computers with capable hardware. RainbowCrack also does not store any passwords on a server that allows access or transmission to other people.

L0phtCrack is an open-source password cracking tool that can be used to crack Windows passwords. The main techniques that L0phtCrack uses are the dictionary attack and the brute-force attack, which allows the program to generate and guess passwords. In addition to password-cracking features, L0phtcrack also offers routine password security scans as a network security preventive measure. The user can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly frequency options.

While formerly a paid product, L0phtCrack is now available as a free download and can be used and installed only on Windows devices. L0phtcrack is unique in that first-time users are greeted with a simple tutorial when launching the program for the first time. Additionally, L0phtcrack also has management functions like reporting and account disabling, making the software more flexible than conventional password cracking apps.

L0phtcrack also uses a graphical user interface GUI as opposed to a command line, making password recovery much easier than manually typing in commands that users will have to look up before using the software. L0phtcrack is also legal to use as long as the passwords to be recovered are owned by the user or recovered with the consent of the password owner. OphCrack is a free, open-source password cracker that uses rainbow table attacks to decipher passwords.

The rainbow attack has been used to decipher an 8-character password in just six seconds, using a rainbow table that contains uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. To simplify the password-cracking process, OphCrack offers a free live CD that works on Windows-based operating systems. Since Ophcrack is primarily for recovering Windows OS passwords, most users will be unable to use Ophcrack the same way other password crackers are used.

This is where the Live CD comes in, which contains a small operating system that can be run independently. The live CD should be downloaded on a different computer and transferred to a CD or other bootable drive, which will then be used on the locked computer to recover the OS password. This preempts any privacy issues, as the public would quickly know if OphCrack has hidden code that allows it to access user files or leak cracked passwords.

OphCrack is also legal and widely used by testers and network administrators to test passwords and spot weak password policies.

The software uses a command-line interface, which makes Aircrack-ng more technical, but a free live CD makes the learning process easier for users. Using Aircrack-ng to crack Wi-Fi passwords can be slightly more complicated. To get started using THC Hydra, the software will first have to be started in monitoring mode, and drivers will have to be set up before the wireless client can be unauthenticated, which allows the pre-shared key to be identified.

Aircrack-ng is primarily a network scanner that happens to have password cracking capabilities. There are no reports of Aircrack-ng transmitting recovered or deciphered passwords, although the software has been noted to be able to transmit packets, which can be a security concern for some.

As a network scanner primarily, Aircrack-ng is legal to use. Unlike most entries on the list, CrackStation does not have a standalone program installed on the computer. Rather, CrackStation is a free web-based password cracker that uses the dictionary attack technique to crack hashes, which allows the program to be used on any operating system, even on mobile. CrackStation allows up to 20 non-salted hashes to be inputted on the interface. MD5 and SHA1 hashes are referenced with a GB lookup table that contains billion entries, while other hashes are referenced with a 19GB table that contains 15 billion entries.

The tables were filled by extracting every word from Wikipedia databases and adding passwords from all password lists that the developers could find. To use CrackStation, users can place up to 20 non-salted hashes on the website, which is a relatively simpler step than the more complex setups required for other password crackers. However, the website states that there is a possibility that connections are being intercepted by government agencies such as the NSA, which may prompt some users to opt for other tools instead.

Despite any possible monitoring, the mere use of CrackStation is legal as long as users do not attempt to crack passwords that they are not authorized to. Password Cracker is another desktop tool that can uncover hidden passwords.

Since most operating systems hide passwords using round dots or asterisks for security, recovering these passwords can be difficult, especially for users who have relied on autosave features to store most passwords. Password Cracker also supports multiple languages and is available as a free download.



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Computer – Wikipedia.Parallels Desktop Pro 19 Crack Windows Free Activation Key

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